Dave Crane over the years

Over the years Dave Crane has train with some of the best in their fields and continues to train with high-level experts bring a ton of knowledge and expertise to his students.  Dave has hundreds of 5 star ratings and many consider him the best instructor in Alberta and is sought after throughout.  His focus is Self-Defenase and defensive tactics, however xtreme fitness is a by-product of his teachings.

In the beginning

Dave’s father Dave Crane sr. was a top athlete in his youth, swimming, diving, gymnastics and boxing.  In the early 1960’s he started training in Judo and continued to training under the late Graham Bert of Devizes, Wiltshire, England until Graham decided to focus on Aikido due to difference of direction in the Judo community.  Graham was a student of Kenshiro AbbeMasutaro Omani, both Judo and Nakazono Sensei, Aikido.  In 1979 while swimming Graham drowned.

2nd Generation Martial artist, Dave Crane Sr : Cyril Snook : Keith Billard Late ’60’s

Dave Crane Sr Judo April 3 1972

With over 50 years in Judo Dave Crane sr. still trains and coaches

Dave Crane sr. MUN Judo Club, coaching Kids Judo

Dave Crane sr. MUN Judo Club

Starting young – Training martial arts with his Father 

Dave Crane jr. remembers Judo training with his father and Graham at an early age at the old YMCA in St. John’s in the 1970’s, and would attend various martial art events with his father and Graham.  Dave Crane sr. restarted Judo and various other martial arts with his kids in the 1980’s.

Dave’s jr. Judo Card

Dave’s jr Judo card was issued by his instructor at the time Yves LeGal of France.

Throughout the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s Dave Crane jr. Trained Judo, Tae Kwon Do (ITF, WTF, GTF (Global Tae Kwon Do), Kempo, Westling and Boxing at the Star of The Sea.

Dave Crane 1985?
Tae Kwon Do

While Boxing in the mid 1990’s he meet and trained with Yuri, a former Russian Boxing and trainer who defected while on the way to Cuba as a coach.  Besides a Russian coach Yuri was a former Moldivian boxing chapman, Red Army Boxing chapman, and Russian Boxing chapman.  David later inducted Yuri to the Kempo association where he trained the Kempo students boxing on Saturdays.

Tony Blauer Seminar Kempo Karate Dave Crane Sr & Jr 1993?

Dave and his Father trained together until David left Newfoundland.  They attended many seminars and workshops together.

Still training together for over 40 years

Dave Crane Sr., Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki and Dave Crane Jr, Judo

Dave Crane Sr., Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki and Dave Crane Jr

A new generation

3 generations

The Next Generation

Teagan and MacKale training Judo

The next Generation, Me with the Kids

The next Generation, me with the kids


The next Generation, Teagan, Kids Krav Maga training

The next Generation, MacKale, Kids Krav Maga training

Zombie Apocalypse, Kids Krav Maga training

Traveling, training and Teaching

In the 2000’s plus Dave trained Judo, Westling,  Kickboxing (Black belt), MMA ((Black belt)(consisting of Aikijutsu, Kyokushin Karate, grappling and weapons)), and Krav Maga also for security work Pressure Point Control Tactics – Defensive Tactics (PPCT), Verbal Judo (Communication).

Dave is also a NCCP certified coach (National Coaching Certification Program)


One of Edmonton’s first Krav Maga Clubs started by Dave Crane, in Sherwood Park Alberta. With Paul Gagne, 3rd from left

David W, David Crane, Timar 2011

Steve Fukushima and Dave

Steve a long-time Judo instructor and friend received his Black belt in Japan in the 1950’s.  When arriving in Canada in the late 50’s or early 60’s he taught Judo in Ottawa for the Takahashi Dojo until he moved to Sherwood Park and took over the Sherwood Park Judo club in 1980.

Dave with Toshiro Daigo Sensei 10th dan Japan

Dave with Osawa Sensei 10th dan, Japan

Dave Kodokan Japan

Dave and Matsumura Shigeya sensei 8 Dan Kosen Japan. Known as the Godfather of ground techniques

Jean-Paul, Dave’s current instructor and friend have been training together for a few years now and makes frequent trips to Edmonton working with Dave and his students.  Dave has been training with Jean-Paul for a few years.

Dave and Jean-Paul Jauffret Toronto 2015

Banff Summer Camp with Jean-Paul and Dave


Fort Simpson, Youth Conference 2018

Instructor Training Ottawa 2012

Dave and Tamir Gilad

Tamar Gilad, Dave and Carsten Draheim Krav Maga training at Church Street Boxing Gym NYC

Women of Wonder Conference Edmonton

Dave and Michelle at the Women of Wonder Conference Edmonton

Xavier and Dave at Jean-Pauls Close Protection Course

Michelle, Dave, Roz at Fitset event

Over the years David has worked in different industries.

Dave Crane, 1st Battalion Royal Newfoundland Regiment 1988

1RnR 1st bottom left


Close Protection Security for Dallas Cowgirls with Mike Johnson


Rogers Place Event Security 2018


Dave’s been featured in the Shirley McQueen – 95.7 CRUZ FM Edmonton Blog, Edmonton Journal, Fine Lifestyles magazine, YEG Fitness, ShawTV https://youtu.be/FV_lv4yP4IA, CTV Morning Live.

Edmonton Journal Krav Maga: Fitness for the Street

Krav Maga: Fitness for Life Edmonton Journal

These days people travel long distance to train with Dave and/or have him travel to their locations across Canada.