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Krav Maga Solution (KMS) is the first internationally recognized Krav Maga School in the Greater Edmonton and Calgary areas that has internationally Certified Instructors teaching  AUTHENTIC Krav Maga. KRAVolution is the most evolutionary Krav Maga system today applying science and staying true to the principles of Krav Maga.

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Upcoming Events with Jean-Paul Jauffret!

Jean-Paul Jauffret has more than 30 years experience in training and education, including 20 years as an instructor of the 2rd REP paratrooper regiment of the French Foreign Legion on Corsica. He recently leads the S.W.A.T. Instructor Course at the 3rd REI Infantry Regiment of the French Foreign Legion in French Guiana. In addition, Jean-Paul is also family guy and knows what it means to defend himself and his family in a case of emergency. As a former police chief of Corsica Jean Paul also knows what matters in the everyday life of a police officer.


TRAVolution 2018 - Train & Travel 10th-14th of May

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949,- € p.P.


Save your Tickets now! In May 2018 we will travel again to the country of Krav Maga.
This year we will stay at the 4* Hotel “Island Suites” Netanya. The 4 * hotel has it’s own training hall, where we can do training with you. The hotel is located directly on the beach, which makes a beach training possible.


Close Protection Krav Maga Instructor Course - French Guiana

EARLY BIRD – Stage 2 – till 2nd April 2018 = – 5%
Close Protection Krav Maga Instructor Course
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WHEN: May 18th – 28th, 2018
WHERE: French Guiana
LOCATION: 3. REI French Foreign Legion / Régiment Étranger d’infanterie



Krav Maga Solution
Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a TRUE Mixed Martial Art System. Ground, throws, striking, locks and levers AND modern weapons. Has your martial arts training prepared you for this?


Kids Krav Maga

The KRAVolution Kids Division provides a healthy self-assessment of one’s abilities. It is about empowering self-awareness and mediating behavior for conflict management!


Custom Seminars
and Workshops

Tired of the same old? Looking for something new, different and exciting? We have custom seminars & workshops for your needs. Company & Birthday Parties, Team Building…


Professional Services

Our courses are designed for professionals by industry leaders, whether your Close Protection C.P.O., Security, Law Enforcement, Military, Special Forces, Swat, or a Specialty Unit we have courses and expertise to customize to your needs.  All techniques are based on KRAVolution Krav Maga.



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